Serving and Educating People of South Sudan


After some months of investigation to find an area to begin our initial project in South Sudan, SEA Partners identified an isolated and impoverished tribal community in the southeastern corner of the country called Boma. The goal is to provide hope while improving the lives of the Murle people.


Boma consists of four villages, Iti (Lower Boma), Jonglei, Kiowa and Bian with a combined population of roughly 50,000.  Due to the war, many who lived in Boma have fled to Ethiopia and Kenya. Relocation became necessary in order to flee political conflict and giving them access the aid supplied by the UN and other relief organizations.  While this aid saved many lives, an unintended consequence occurred. The people remaining in Boma quit producing their own food creating a society dependent upon outside sources for survival.


Shifting this rationale of dependence to one of independence is a major objective of SEA Partners. Our partners have provided immediate impact on the lives of South Sudanese through farming, water well drilling, education, and evangelism. Please continue your visit on this site to see more about this work in South Sudan.

SEA Partners is ready to help the victims of flooding in Boma State. 

The people of Boma State need your help!

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Would you like to impact the lives of people in South Sudan? By becoming a Corporate Partner with us you can change a life of a child in Boma. Join the many local businesses who support the children and their families in Boma, South Sudan. Thanks to:

Beth Brake: GoalLine Real Estate

Tom Tevis: Fairway Mortgage

To serve God through educating children and adults, advancing community development through farming and tree planting, and partnering with individuals and organizations, for the spiritual, social and economic transformation of the South Sudanese people.​





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