Febraury 9, 2014

The peace agreement signed on January 23rd between the rebels and the government apears to be holding. New talks will resume Monday, February 10, 2014 to develop a more comprehensive agreement.

It is encouraging to see the ongoing efforts to maintain peace in the region.  Leaders from Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda are working with both sides of the conflcit to find a a lasting peace.  Please continue to pray for peace in South Sudan.


In the graphic to your left, I have posted a map that provides context for the recent conflict. Bor, the capital of Jonglei province, has been destroyed and looted several times during this latest conflict. In addition, Malakal has been a place of the heaviest fighting in all of South Sudan. Fortunately, there has been peace in the Boma region.


We appredciate your prayers and support as we continue serving the people who have remained in Boma and the refugeees in Kenya and Ethipoia.  It is a difficult task, but with God's help we can improve the lives of our Murle brothers and sisters.


Donnie Brake


New Peace in South Sudan: Feb 9, 2014




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