A major goal of SEA Partners is to train personnel and supply the opening of a basic medical clinic in Upper Boma.  Presently, those who are in need of medical attention must walk 8 ½ miles down the mountain to the nearest clinic in Lower Boma.  In order to provide health care to the villagers, SEA Partners staff members are trained to dress treat minor issues using medical supplies donated by organizations and individuals in the United States. 


Teaching the community regarding community health and sanitation issues continues both as part of our school curriculum and through the training we provide for women.  Medical teams from the United States come to Boma and provide aid to the local people, but much more needs to be done.  It is our hope to collaborate with another organization to build and operate a small clinic in Upper Boma.  We would also like to have at least four medical teams per year, serving the people of Boma.


SEA Partners, through its missionary staff, provides public education on issues of community health and sanitation through public forums – such as provided by church and school meetings. Dissemination of basic information about the importance of health and hygiene is done to build people’s capacity to take control of their own health to ensure a healthy community.


SEA Partners has begun a partnership with Live Well South Sudan. Live Well was founded by Dr. Paul Thon Agok and is developing free health clinics throughout South Sudan. Dr. Paul has become a good friend of SEA Partners and he has committed to help us develop a health clinic in Boma. 


Until a clinic is constructed in Boma, SEA Partners will help fund Live Well operations in the refugee camps in Juba and the surrounding areas. 




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