Re-engagement Plan

December 26, 2013


Re-engagement Plan 2014


It is our desire to re-engage the people in Boma through a methodical approach that addresses the short-term needs of the Murle people.  We have organized the plan in two phases: Phase 1-January-June and Phase 2-June-December.  In order to accomplish our first phase we need to raise $90,000, which will cover the costs of: (a) re-construction of the damaged classrooms, (b) implementation of an agricultural program to aid the families in Boma, and (c) securing and rebuilding the SEA Partners compound for our missionary/teaching staff to reside. We acknowledge that God's plan for this project may differ from our plan and we will be sensitive to His leading as we go forward.


Phase 1 (January -June 2014)


The immediate needs to re-engage The Boma Project begins with making the classrooms usable and the SEA Partners compound a livable space for our missionary staff.  In order to accomplish this while maintaining a minimum overhead, we have concluded that two Kenyan staff will return to oversee this portion of the plan.  One staff member (Vincent) will be responsible to re-engage the children in the learning process.  We will add two Sudanese teachers to help him re-start the school.


The school day will consist of two components: English studies in the morning and agricultural training in the afternoons.  We believe the best initial approach in serving the children is to continue their lessons both in learning English and in planting and growing food.  It is our desire that families of the students join us in this educational opportunity making it a benefit for the entire community.  A portion of this Phase 1 budget addresses this program.


Our second staff member, (Ken) will be responsible to manage the re-construction of the classrooms and SEA Partners compound.  Ken will hire two Sudanese construction workers that have been with us from the beginning (Simon and Johnson) to help him.  We expect this will take at least 3-6 months to accomplish.


Here is our Phase 1 budget.





Initial Return to Boma: Travel, food, beds, school supplies, farm equipment and seeds


$ 7000

To re-engage the Boma Project



To provide security for the compound

New Kitchen Building


To enable the staff to have a place to cook and eat meals

Cooking Utensils, bedding and medical supplies


To replace the items lost from the civil war

Desks for children


Most of the previous desks were used for firewood by the rebels and military. The children need desks to learn.

Classroom Repairs



To replace the damaged classroom walls.

Farming tools for families in Boma


To provide new farming tools for students and parents



Seed to plant for food

Solar panels, batteries and wire

$ 15,000

To provide light and electricity to the compound



To store food

Satellite Dish for internet communication


To allow our missionaries to communicate with family and supporters of SEA Partners

Installation costs for Solar and Satellite

$ 10,000

For travel, food and housing of consultants and installation specialists

Truck expenses: diesel and driver

$ 3000

To provide funds to purchase diesel and to contract a driver to drive the SEA Partners truck to Boma with supplies

Staff Expenses/Salaries for two months


Two months of salaries of Sudanese staff, Kenyan missionaries and Nairobi office and staff expenses





With this budget in place, we will be able to return the project to near its original state prior to the Yau Yau rebellion of May 2013.  Together we can renew our efforts to help the Boma community continue rebuilding their lives on the Rock.


Phase 2


The goal of Phase 2 is to return the project to full operations.  It is our intent, to find additional Sudanese teachers to aid in the educational process.  We hope to supplement the Sudanese with experienced Kenyan missionaries who love to share Christ, but have an aptitude for teaching and mentoring.  In this way, we are building the capacity of local Sudanese and reducing our ongoing expenses.


While we would like this phase to begin after the completion of Phase 1, we must ensure the financial resources are available prior to moving forward.  We believe God is in control of this project and we will continue to seek His guidance and direction.  Contingent on funding we would anticipate the following budget:



Monthly Needs

One-Time Needs


Current Monthly Expenses from Phase 1



This includes Nairobi office, 2 Kenyan missionaries in Boma and 5 Sudanese staff, food and satellite phone service

Additional staff needs



Includes 3 new missionary/teachers, 1 Pastor, food and living expenses, 1 additional staff in Nairobi

Transportation to and from Kenya



To bring staff out 3 times per year to visit family

School Supplies


$ 5000

To fully engage students education in math science, history and English




To purchase and transport a copier for assignment replication and testing

Solar Panels, Batteries and wire


$ 10,000

To equip classrooms with lighting



$ 28,000



Currently, SEA Partners receives approximately $5000 per month from our generous partners.  We believe we have enough support to continue the activities of Phase 1 throughout 2014.  In order to move to Phase 2 we would need additional funding.


We will continue to update you through our new website's blog. Please look for new content each week as we update our partners on the current activities in Boma.



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